10 Oct


Cooperation of EKOTON Prodeko-Elk and municipal WWTP PWiK Sp. z o.o. in Elk lasts for more than 10 years. EKOTON Prodeko-Elk, as a manufacturer of modern equipment has delivered, installed and started-up several devices in Nowa Wieś Ełcka WWTP.

In 2004-2006 the object was thoroughly modernized as a part of The National Program of Municipal Wastewater Treatment, financed by ECOFUND foundation and The National Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management. It made possible to bring wastewater and sludge management to the current regulations, in accordance with European law.

Zgarniacze ZSP

The view of secondary clarifiers and aeration tank in Nowa Wieś Ełcka WWTP

The reconstruction project included following technological aims:

  • reduction of nitrogen compounds to min. 85 % of initial values in wastewater;
  • elimination of odors which occur during mechanical wastewater treatment – by using UV radiation and biofiltration;
  • composting the whole volume of generated sewage sludge;
  • decreasing energy consumption of the object.

The main ecological goals of the project included:

  • decreasing amount of generated sludge wastes and adjustment of compost production to capacity of agricultural areas and surrounding environment;
  • protection of Biebrza river and biological diversity of Biebrzański National Park;
  • air and climate protection by limitation of gases, dangerous and odorous substances (methane, hydrogen sulfide) emission;
  • protection of the local people and object’s employees from odors by hermetization of WWTP. Elimination of factor that limits touristic attractiveness on surrounding area.

In the period of the project’s implementation, Prodeko-Ełk delivered and installed equipment for the following objects:

  • tangential grit chambers – 2 chain sludge scrapers for sludge and froth removal, produced by FINCHAIN;
  • gravitational sludge thickeners – 2 rod stirrers MPR type with aluminum walkways and system of weirs;
  • econdary clarifiers – 2 radial sludge scrapers ZGRwt-40 type with a set of weirs.

Zgarniacze ZSP

Gravitational sludge thickener equipped with rod stirrer MPR type with aluminum walkway

After the end of modernization in 2010, there was also replaced a radial sludge scraper on secondary clarifier of diameter 42 m. Then, EKOTON PRODEKO-EŁK delivered sludge scraper ZGRwt-42 type with the set of weirs.

Zgarniacze ZSP

Radial sludge scrapers ZGRwt-40 in WWTP in Nowa Wieś Ełcka

PWiK Sp. z o.o. declared that the equipment mentioned above „has worked failure-free since the installation and start-up, which proves that PRODEKO-EŁK has great technical experience in case of producing devices for wastewater treatment”.


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