29 Mar

Equipment for mechanical wastewater treatment at WWTP in Augustów

In October 2016 – February 2017 specialists of PRODEKO-EŁK Ltd. manufactured, delivered and installed equipment for mechanical wastewater treatment at WWTP of capacity 10 000 m3/d in Augustów, Poland.

Wastewater treatment plant is located in south part of Augustów town, about 2 km from city center, and covers an area of 9 ha. Effluent is discharged into a Netta river. WWTP was built and commissioned in 1984 as mechanical-biological with sludge regeneration chamber, primary clarifiers, activated sludge chambers and secondary clarifiers. Treated wastewater flows to WWTP by sewage system and is delivered by vacuum truck. Wastewater treatment technology includes mechanical treatment and biological treatment with activated sludge. The first stage of treatment is process of mechanical treatment by screens, where larger size wastes are removed.

WWTP, Augustov, Poland

Modernization of screens building, conducted by PRODEKO-EŁK Ltd., was intended to improve of wastewater treatment quality and automation of mechanical treatment process.

The project at WWTP in Augustów included delivery of following equipment:

  • rake bar screen RKE 1142 type of spacing s = mm – 1 pc,
  • screw compacting press type SCP 2013 for compacting and transporting screenings – 1 pc,
  • control cabinet with system for controlling of RKE screen and screw compacting press SCP – 1 pc,
  • penstocks ZSg-I - 2 pc.

Rake screens are intended for extraction of large and medium waste solids from industrial and municipal wastewater with subsequent unloading on a transporter or into a waste container. Screens are made of stainless steel AISI 304, which makes them resistant for corrosion. Special tear drop shaped cross section improves flow characteristics of the filtering mesh and protects from getting stuck of mechanical wastes. Such construction of bars allows to remove wastes easily from the rake, which does not interrupt in further operation.

Rake screen and control cabinetThe waste is fed into the case of the compacting press through the receiving bin and removed by the screw to the washing and pressing zone. Waste is washed from the organic inclusions by pressure water and partly wringed due to the decreasing screw pitch. The squeezed waste is then removed to the receiving bin via the discharge pipe. After compacting, the water is drained between cases into the channel which is located downstream of the screens.

Rake screen and screw compacting press

According to client’s opinion, PRODEKO-EŁK Ltd. has realized assigned tasks in totally professional way which emphasizes the fact that the company has great technical experience in terms of manufacturing equipment for specialistic objects.

Recomendation letter WWTP Augustov, Poland