Novosibirsk WWTP

In October 2020, a contract was signed for the supply of 3 km of EKOTON fine bubble tube air diffusers for the treatment facilities of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise of Novosibirsk “Gorvodokanal” (WWTP). After replacement, EKOTON air diffusers will operate in 10 of 13 aeration tanks of the enterprise.

Cooperation between the EKOTON Industrial Group and the Novosibirsk Water and Sanitation Authority began in 1996. The design capacity of the treatment facilities is 750,000 m3/day, and the actual capacity is about 600,000 m3/day. Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Gorvodokanal” constantly carries out equipment modernization, research and implementation of the latest technologies for optimizing wastewater treatment processes. Over the years of cooperation, the enterprise has performed the reconstruction of the workshops for mechanical wastewater treatment and mechanical sludge dewatering, as well as the replacement of air diffusers in aeration tanks.

The professionals of the WWTP of Novosibirsk are constantly carrying out a comparison of different types of aeration systems. The choice in favour of EKOTON tube air diffusers indicates a significant advantage of the latter.

EKOTON tube air diffusers are highly efficient equipment that do not need complicated maintenance. They are characterized by the high performance of oxygen transfer and sediment mixing due to fine bubble aeration (bubble diameter – 2-3 mm) and low pressure loss. Thanks to this equipment  the WWTP can significantly reduce both capital costs (due to the wide operating range and easy installation method) and operational costs (low power consumption and no need for regular cleaning of air diffusers).

The equipment will be delivered by the end of October, and in November, two aeration tanks with Ekoton polymer tube air diffusers will be put into operation.