ekoton tube air diffusers india

This year the Industrial Group EKOTON continues to conquer the Indian market. Together with our regional partners, the company EUROTEK, in 2016 were delivered and put into operation two mechanized rake screens RKE as well as EKOTON aeration systems based on tube air diffusers.

Aeration systems have already been delivered and installed at the sewage treatment plant of cities Ambala and Pohtak. The launch is scheduled for Q4 2016. But at current stage customers already noted the professionalism of employees of the Industrial Group EKOTON, their efficiency, consistency and attention to customer needs.

The decisive arguments in favour of the choice of tubular aerators EKOTON were the high efficiency of the equipment and the lack of need for maintenance work during the entire period of operation of the equipment.

ekoton tube air diffusers india

Installation of EKOTON aeration system (WWTP Ambala city, Rohtak city, India)

For Vishakhapatnam city Industrial Group EKOTON supplied equipment for the mechanical treatment at two sites: WWTP Shantha Ashram and WWTP Appugarh.

For WWTP Shantha Ashram were manufactured, installed and launched mechanized rake type screens RKEn 1448 (20.777) with the height of 6.5 m, and for WWTP Appugarh mechanized rake type screens RKEn 2012 (10,777).

The customers are very positive about the EKOTON equipment and highly appreciated the usage of AISI304 stainless steel for screens as a main material. Such material has a high resistance in an aggressive environment and has a high aesthetic appearance. At the moment the screens work properly on both wastewater treatment plants. There are no any complaints about the work of screens.

ekoton rake bar screen indiaMechanical screen RKE in work, made by EKOTON (WWTP Appugarh, India