The real quality is determined with the time. Today Ekoton’s installation in Marikina, Philippines, has 3 years of successful operation.

In 2015 Ekoton company won a contract for the production, delivery and starting-up of its rake bar screens with penstocks for the Marikina pumping station in Manila. The bidding procedure required from participants fulfillment of quite hard requirements for technological performance of the equipment and also mechanical strength during all the lifetime. Also the equipment producer for the project was required to comply with strict regulations in quality management, sustainable development and ethics.

EKOTON Industrial Group had been chosen as a producer and supplier of 2 rake bar screens RKE, 2 compacting presses PVO and 8 different penstocks. The equipment was integrated into an automatically- operated complex.

Screens RKE with a bar spacing of 20 mm were intended to handle the capacity of 942 m3/hour of wastewater (for each one). Such a high capacity was achieved due to drop-shaped bars usage in the screens’ design.

Today, after 3 years since the installation, the complex is operating well. It solves the required technological tasks. It is a very important thing to the customer that during operation the screens need just a simple maintenance due to movable components absence in the submerged part.

Such a case confirms Ekoton Rake Bar screens RKE’s high reliability as well as high hydraulic capacity. We are happy that our hard work and cooperation with such a demanding customer brought success for the politically important project in general.