ekoton wod-kan 2016

EKOTON Industrial Group participated in the annual international trade fair for environmental technologies  – Wod-Kan 2016, which was held from 10 to 12 May 2016. Wod-Kan trade fair is one of the largest industrial fairs in Poland and Europe.

More than 400 companies came to the fair and presented their latest achievements at their stands. More than 10,000 experts on water supply and sewage systems had the opportunity to make business contracts with partners from Poland and abroad.

EKOTON Industrial Group showcased its innovative products at the fair: DAF unit FT-2, chamber-membrane filter press, screw dehydrator MDQ-201, tubular aerator in operation, sludge scraper model and complex for mechanical wastewater treatment M-Combi. Visitors were able to communicate with company experts and get advice about effective use of the equipment.

For example, complex for mechanical wastewater treatment M-Combi is effective for mechanical treatment of municipal and industrial effluents. Due to the modern construction, which combines all equipment for mechanical treatment, using M-Combi allows a considerable cut down in expenses spent for the construction of treatment facilities. The complex also makes fine mechanical treatment,  waste washing and dewatering, grit separation and washing, grit dewatering and discharge, and grease separation and removal.

ekoton wod-kan 2016

The DAF units are effective for removing suspended solids from effluents, grease, oils and petroleum derivatives and for reducing BOD and COD concentration. Flotation tanks are used in paper mills, food and oil refining factories, small sewage treatment facilities and in municipal wastewater treatment plants.

The DAF unit design ensures the most efficient route of liquid movement therefore ridding of the “dead zones”. It also provides a possibility for convenient removal of precipitated sludge.

ekoton wod-kan 2016

Radial sludge scrapers are designed for sludge removal from the bottom of clarifiers. Scrapers are equipped with a rubber scraper. The rubber movement allows effective sludge collection even from the uneven surface.

ekoton wod-kan 2016

When choosing the equipment for mechanical dewatering the following should be taken into account: sludge type, load on the dewatering section, technological requirements for filtrate clarity, energy and maintenance costs.

For example, screw dehydrator  MDQ EKOTON-Tsurumi is effective for mechanical dewatering for food, pulp-and-paper, textile, chemical, oil refining and other branches of industry.

On average dewatered sludge moisture might reach 75-82%, flocculants usage 1.5-3.5 kg/tonne of dry sludge. The amount of suspended agents in the filtrate approximately 500 mg/l.

The advantages are: compact design, easy installation in limited spaces, no additional ventilation, easy to operate.

ekoton wod-kan 2016

The chamber filter press is designed for different industries and intended for dewatering of industrial suspensions and municipal wastewater sludge.

A main advantage of the chamber membrane filter-press is the possibility of getting dryer cake reaching 65-70%.

Using a chamber filter press is especially effective for further cake burning.

ekoton wod-kan 2016

Tubular aerators, produced by EKOTON Industrial Group, are intended for using in aeration tanks during the biological wastewater treatment phase. Aeration of waste waters is used for additional oxygen saturation in bioreactors, which is necessary for micro-organisms to oxidize organic compounds and biologically harmful materials.

Due to use of a perforated frame and air gaps in the aerator design, the tubular aerator provides uniform air distribution along the entire length of the corridor.

ekoton wod-kan 2016

The EKOTON stand was recognized by Izba Gospodarcza “Wodociągi Polskie”, as the most interesting and received Grand Prix.

During those three days of trade fairs our employees conducted more than 200 effective meetings with potential customers.

The presented equipment is leading in the field of wastewater treatment and allows to achieve the best treatment results when used appropriately. That’s why our company experts pay great attention to direct communication with our clients to specify all the details and requirements of equipment operation.

Proper communication with our customers and responsible choice of suppliers allowed us to become a leader in the wastewater treatment field.

With love for each client,
EKOTON Industrial group