ekoton ecwatech 2016

From 26 to 28 April EKOTON Industrial Group participated in the International Water Forum “Ekwatech 2016. Water: Ecology and Technology„ at the exhibition center VDNH (Moscow, Russia).

EKWATECH is a leading water and wastewater technology fair for manufacturers, suppliers and  customers in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe. This year, more than 500 companies from 30 countries presented their equipment and technology solutions for water and wastewater treatment at the forum.

At the EKOTON Industrial Group stand visitors could find out more about our innovative solutions. EKOTON exhibited DAF unit FT-2, chamber-membrane filter-press, screw dehydrator MDQ-201, tubular aerator, sludge scraper model and complex for mechanical wastewater treatment M-Combi.

EKOTON Industrial group presented high technology equipment. Its use allows not only to make wastewater treatment effectively but also optimizes company costs of treatment.

For example, the complex for mechanical wastewater treatment  M-Combi allows to considerably reduce the construction costs of wastewater treatment plants.  M-Combi contains all equipment for mechanical treatment of domestic and industrial effluents. Treatment complex M-Combi make possible fine mechanical treatment, wastes washing and dewatering, grit separation and washing, grit dewatering and discharge, and grease separation and removal.

ekoton ecwatech 2016

DAF unit FT was also exhibited at the company stand. It is designed for fine low-soluble particles removal, such as grease and surface-active agents, which appear in the wastewater of paper mills, food and oil refining enterprises, small sewage treatment facilities, as well as for sludge thickening for plants dealing with municipal waste water treatment. The design features of the DAF unit allow liquid saturation by the circulation pump, therefore no additional costs for saturation are needed.

The innovative form of the flotation tank allows the most efficient liquid movement therefore ridding of “dead zones”. It also provides a possibility for convenient removal of precipitated sludge.

ekoton ecwatech 2016

Radial sludge scrapers are designed for sludge removal from the bottom of clarifiers. Use of corrosion-resistant materials: stainless steel AISI 304, aluminium alloys and polymers ensures a long service life of our equipment.

Radial sludge scrapers consume less energy and adjusts the unloaded sludge humidity due to the possibility of regulating the trolley speed.

ekoton ecwatech 2016

Screw dehydrator MDQ EKOTON-Tsurumi is very effective for mechanical dewatering  for food, pulp-and-paper, textile, chemical, oil refining and other industries. Dewatered sludge wetness could vary at 75-82% and flocculants amount usage at 1.5-3.5 kg/tonne of dry sludge. The amount of suspended agents in the filtrate was about 500 mg/l. The equipment is very economic: the installed capacity depends on the performance and ranges from 0.6 to 2.9 kW, washing water requirements vary at 1-2% of the sludge volume. The screw dehydrator is easily installed in limited spaces, does not require an  additional ventilation system and is simple in operation.

ekoton ecwatech 2016

EKOTON Industrial Group also exhibited a tubular aerator in operation.

Aeration in wastewater treatment is used for additional oxygen saturation of sludge mixture in bioreactors. Oxygen is required for micro-organisms for biological and organic oxidation of pollutants.

EKOTON aerators generate 2-3mm bubbles in diameter. This is the optimal size in terms of surface mass transfer and sludge mixing. Using the air gap between pipes ensures uniform air distribution throughout the corridor.

The main advantage is low overall cost – the cost of structures is lower by 2.5 times compared to other types of aerators.

ekoton ecwatech 2016

Visitors were also able to see the equipment in operation and get advice from the company experts about the most rational and efficient way of use of our equipment treating different types of effluents.
During those three days our employees conducted more than 200 effective meetings with potential customers.