ekoton radial sludge scraper wabra

The EKOTON Industrial Group continues to expand the boundaries of their sales. The company’s equipment operates in 19 countries around the world. The country number 19 became the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In July 2016 as part of the reconstruction of treatment facilities of Saudi Arabia Air Force in the city Zahran (capacity – 1500 m3 / day) were put into operation two scrapers of ZSP type with a diameter of 10 + 8 m.

ZSP scrapers are statically mounted to the bridge area. This allows not aligning the board with the clarifier edge. Bridge and safety handrails are made of stainless steel AISI304 with a high durability and corrosion resistance. The design is lightweight that increases the life time of the running wheels, gears and bearings.

ekoton radial sludge scraper wabra

The installed equipment shows high performance results and meets all customer requirements. Scrapers move stable, without disruptions in work. Employees of the customer’s company immediately noted the ease of operation and reliability of the equipment supplied. This is not surprising since the scraper design was originally intended for long and trouble-free operation in a variety of temperature conditions.

EKOTON scrapers are equipped with a bridge that has a central motor drive, which is mounted on two independent supports located out of the clarifier. This design allows not worrying about the load on the GLS tank during installation and operation of the scraper.

ekoton radial sludge scraper wabra

Company WABRA CONTRACTOR EST thanks EKOTON Industrial Group for the production of high quality equipment and attention to the needs of customers and looks forward for further cooperation.


customer letter radial sludge scraper