ekoton ifat-2016

EKOTON Industrial Group took part in the world’s leading trade fair in the water supply and treatment industry – IFAT 2016, from May 30 to June 3, 2016 in Munich, Germany. Year 2016 was 50th anniversary for IFAT. That goes to show the global importance of water, wastewater treatment and waste management. More than 3,000 companies from 59 countries presented their latest achievements during the exhibition in a total area of 230 000 square meters. IFAT 2016 was attended by more than 135,000 representatives of 168 countries from all over the world to share experiences and learn about new trends. The exhibitions give a great opportunity for international partnerships that aim at preserving and improving the quality of life and the environment.

EKOTON Industrial group presented its innovative products for industrial and municipal plants:

  • DAF unit FT-2,
  • chamber-membrane filter press,
  • screw dehydrator MDQ-201,
  • working tubular aerator,
  • sludge scraper model,
  • M-Combi complex for mechanical wastewater treatment.

Visitors were able to have a chat with company experts and get advice about effective use of the equipment.

The EKOTON stand became a meeting point for international delegations. During the fairs our stand was visited by an official delegation of representatives of industry associations of water utilities in Lithuania, Israel, Bulgaria, Hungary, and the Consul General of Ukraine in Munich Vadim Kostiuk.

For the first time in almost 50 years of IFAT existence the EKOTON stand was visited by representatives of Poland’s water supply and sewage industry.

The meeting was attended by the Senator of Polish parliament Małgorzata Kopichko, Consul of Poland in Munich Andrzej Osiyak and numerous representatives of Polish companies that were present at the fairs. The parties discussed topical issues of financing, construction and reconstruction of treatment facilities, equipment selection for wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering and new legislation in the water sector.

ekoton ifat-2016

During the exhibitions EKOTON Industrial Group took part in the conference on recommendations regarding equipment selection for sludge dewatering. This subject is very important because sludge amounts are constantly growing due to stricter requirements for water treatment and sludge management. Every year the amounts spent on the sludge dewatering equipment are higher so it is vital to understand when and what equipment must be used in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

ekoton ifat-2016

The main factors that are taken into consideration when selecting dewatering technology are:

  • Ergonomics;
  • Sludge type and moisture requirements;
  • Efficiency;
  • Productivity;
  • Automation.

The most effective equipment is selected based on the priority of these factors. For example, if the main factor is cake dryness you should choose a chamber press but this equipment requires a large initial investment cost. At the same time the multidisc press has significantly lower capital investment, operating costs and high reliability but gives a lower cake dryness than a chamber membrane filter press

Each project is unique. In order to get the most efficient results using the equipment it is necessary to run the laboratory and equipment tests beforehand.

The Screw dehydrator MDQ EKOTON-Tsurumi which was presented at the exhibition is the most effective for small and medium-sized industrial and municipal plants with the following requirements:

  • Low energy and washing water consumption;
  • Low maintenance costs;
  • High automation and easy maintenance;
  • Greasy sludge (DAF sludge, for example);
  • High abrasive matter content found in the sludge.

Under such conditions dewatered sludge wetness could vary at 75-82% and the flocculants amount usage at 1.5-3.5 kg/tonne of dry sludge.

ekoton ifat-2016

The chamber-membrane filter press is used in different branches of industry and intended for dewatering industrial suspensions and municipal wastewater sludge.

We recommend the membrane-chamber filter press for municipal and industrial applications with the following requirements and features:

  • Extremely high dryness of cake and filtrate clearness;
  • Cost efficient cake washing;
  • High pressure for slurry separation;
  • For further cake burning.

ekoton ifat-2016

EKOTON Industrial Group also introduced a DAF-unit. It should be used for the removal of wastewater fine low-soluble particles such as grease and surface-active agents found in the wastewater of paper mills, food and oil refining plants and small sewage treatment facilities. It can be also used for sludge thickening in plants dealing with municipal waste water treatment. The innovative shape of the flotation tank allows the most efficient liquid movement therefore ridding of “dead zones”. It also provides a possibility of convenient removal of precipitated sludge.

ekoton ifat-2016

The radial sludge scraper model provided an understanding of how the equipment works in reality. Radial sludge scrapers are designed for sludge removal from the bottom of clarifiers. Use of corrosion-resistant materials: stainless steel AISI 304, aluminum alloys and polymers ensures a long service life of our equipment. Radial sludge scrapers provide effective collection of sludge even from recesses due to the special design of scrapers.

ekoton ifat-2016

EKOTON Industrial Group also exhibited a working tubular aerator. Aeration in wastewater treatment is used for additional oxygen saturation of sludge mixture in bioreactors which is required for micro-organisms for the biological and organic oxidation of pollutants.

Using the air gap between pipes ensures uniform air distribution throughout the corridor.

Another device model on the company stand was M-Combi – a complex for mechanical wastewater treatment. M-Combi is very effective for mechanical treatment of municipal and industrial effluents. Due to modern construction which combines all the equipment for mechanical treatment using M-Combi allows a considerable cut down in expenses spent for construction of treatment facilities. the complex also makes fine mechanical treatment, waste washing and dewatering, grit separation and washing, grit dewatering and discharge, and grease separation and removal.

ekoton ifat-2016

During those five days our employees conducted more than 400 effective meetings with potential customers. Presented equipment is the leader in the field of wastewater treatment and allows to achieve the best treatment results when used appropriately. That’s why our company experts pay great attention to direct communication with our clients to specify all the details and requirements of equipment operation. Proper communication with our customers and a responsible choice of suppliers allowed us to become a leader in the wastewater treatment field.