In 2019, the State Unitary Enterprise “Beloblvodokanal” began a large-scale reconstruction of wastewater treatment facilities for domestic wastewater in the districts of the region. 5 wastewater treatment stations were commissioned in Stroitel, Ivnya, Grayvoron, Novy Oskol and Veydelevka during the year. The project was implemented jointly by LOSBEL LLC, and the EKOTON Industrial Group to supply M-Comby multifunctional units for mechanical wastewater treatment to all local wastewater treatment plants.

Wastewater treatment facilities with a high level of equipment wear have been selected for modernization due to their inability to cope with the modern requirements for wastewater treatment. Funds for modernization were allocated from the State Housing and Utilities Fund, and the work on the installation, start-up and commissioning of equipment was carried out at the facilities during 2019-2020. The facilities differ in their throughput (from 300 m3/day in Ivnya to 10,000 m3/day in Stroitel), however, a wide range of M-Comby mechanical treatment units allows us to easily satisfy the Customer’s requirements when selecting equipment for wastewater treatment plants of various capacities.

M-Comby mechanical treatment complex is an all in one solution for the mechanical treatment of wastewater at wastewater treatment plants of small and medium capacity. The space-saving module includes all stages of pre-treatment and ensures efficient retrieval of waste, sand and grease from wastewater. Combining several treatment functions in one unit can significantly reduce the footprint needed for the equipment to be installed at, and therefore reduce the construction costs. The equipment is manufactured from high-quality stainless steel and undergoes additional processing (volume pickling, passivation, sandblasting), which increases the anti-corrosion properties of the equipment and, accordingly, its uninterrupted operation. The system for waste and sand washing prevents decay and the spread of unpleasant odors, as well as, if necessary, allows preserving organic compounds in wastewater, which contributes to the process of their further biological treatment in the case of treatment of low-loaded wastewater.

M-Comby mechanical treatment complex provides high efficiency of wastewater treatment due to individual selection of screens depending on the composition of the wastewater supplied to the installation, and can be additionally equipped for washing sand and organic matter. The equipment is fully automated and requires minimal operator attention. Setting the parameters and operating modes of the equipment is intuitive and easy.

In February 2021, the construction of modern wastewater treatment plants was completed in Ivnya, Grayvoron, Veydelevka and Novy Oskol. By the end of 2021, it is planned to complete construction work on local treatment facilities in Stroitel and put the new equipment into operation.

The implementation of this project for the modernization of the local wastewater treatment plants in the Belgorod region has made its positive impact on the quality of treated wastewater that is discharged into rivers and water reservoirs and thereby significantly improved the environmental situation in the region.