ekoton solutions for industries

From 2019, the English company ESMIL Process Systems Ltd., an internationally known supplier of solutions for the treatment of “complex” industrial sewage, became part of the EKOTON Industrial Group. What exactly does the company do and what benefits can it bring for the customers – the answer to this question can be found on our website.

ESMIL Process Systems was founded in 1976. It is a world renown engineering company that specializes in the treatment of industrial wastewater. For an innovative approach to the problem of wastewater treatment and recycling, ESMIL received the prestigious British Award “The Queen’s Award for Environmental Achievement” and “Best Provider for Department of Commerce and Industry”.

ESMIL’s entry into the EKOTON Industrial Group gives Polish customers access to its unique experience in the field of ‘complex’ wastewater treatment. During the preparation of a project  offer, British specialists develop technology, select equipment, control systems and automation as well as being responsible for the effectiveness of the proposed technology. EKOTON from its part ensures the implementation of the project in accordance with regional requirements (including the availability of necessary certificates) and local project management. Because the EKOTON Prodeko-Ełk industrial plant is located in Poland, it allows us to significantly reduce the costs of equipment production as well as assembly and service works.

The use of ESMIL’s technology allows:

  • compliance with the requirements for urban discharge systems
  • increasing the profitability of production by recycling water and necessary substances back to the technological cycle.

EKOTON and ESMIL have a wide range of laboratory equipment and devices for preliminary testing. Modelled processes are based on real data, which allows more accuracy in the  forecast of the effectiveness of the technology being offered, the feasibility of individual methods and if necessary, process optimisation.

Typical industries in which ESMIL solutions are used:

  • MDF production, paper production, woodworking
  • Food industry, beverage production
  • Textile industry, production of dyes, pigments
  • Oil/gas production, oil/gas processing
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industry
  • Metalworking

During the 40 years of its existence, ESMIL Process Systems has completed hundreds of successful projects around the world. ESMIL clients are companies such as:

  • Shell E & P Ireland Ltd / Corrib Gas Terminal, Co. Mayo (Ireland)
  • J G Pears, (England)
  • HAL Offshore Ltd / Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (India)
  • Unilin S.A.S.Boards Division (France)
  • Shell UK, (Scotland)
  • Emvertec, (England)
  • B.P. Petroleum, (England)
  • I S P Microcaps, (England)
  • Wiggins Teape, (England)
  • British Gas (England)
  • Kronospan, (England, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland)
  • Coca-Cola / Schweppes, (England)
  • Hartridges Soft Drinks (England)
  • and many others.

The EKOTON industrial group together with ESMIL can offer the following services:

  • Preliminary research
  • technology selection
  • calculation of capital and operating costs
  • feasibility studies
  • comprehensive development of sewage treatment plants (combination of standard treatment methods with ESMIL’s membrane technology)
  • construction, installation and commissioning of local sewage treatment plant
  • staff training and process optimization
  • comprehensive service support