4 Feb

Clean Water tests results

In August, 2018, EKOTON Industrial group completed clean water oxygen transfer tests of APKV tube diffusers in accordance with ASCE/EWRI Standard 2-06 ‘Measurement of Oxygen Transfer in Clean Water’. The Standard is a mandatory norm for air diffusers applications in USA and requires more realistic measurements comparing with standards usual in EU.

The tests were performed ACCREDITED LABORATORY in a 28 m2 and 153 m3 shopscale test tank. Diffuser density, diffuser submergence (4,51 m to diffuser top surface) and air flows applied during the tests were representative of typical design and real life application. Data obtained during the tests was corrected to a reference TDS concentration of 1000 mg/l in accordance with Commentary B of ASCE/EWRI standard.

In addition to clean water oxygen transfer tests, pressure losses of APKV diffusers were also measured. Having passed this test, EKOTON Tube Air Diffusers once again confirmed their high efficiency and low head losses.