2 Nov

EKOTON Company at the exhibitions WEFTEC, Watec Israel and IFAT India

October was very busy for the Industrial Group EKOTON. Company participated in four exhibitions in different parts of the world. Representatives of the company visited Chicago (United States) at the exhibition WEFTEC, Tel Aviv at the exhibition Watec Israel, Mumbai at the exhibition IFAT India and the exhibition Agropromash in Moscow.

From 28 to 30 September in Chicago held the annual technical conference and exhibition of the protection of water resources. This exhibition is the largest in North America. Thousands of water treatment professionals of around the world visit the exhibition to share their experiences and learn about new discoveries in the industry.

At the exhibition the company presented screw dehydrator MDQ-201 EKOTON Tsurumi.

dehydrator MDQ

The dehydrators are intended for mechanical dewatering of industrial, municipal and domestic wastewater sludges. They are recommended for wastewater sludge dewatering on the municipal wastewater low-capacity facilities and also for food, pulp-and-paper, textile, chemical, oil-refining and other industries.

During the exhibition, representatives of the company made new contacts, held a series of negotiations and discussed the prospects of cooperation.

From 13 to 15 October in Mumbai, India, it was held one of the largest water supply and water treatment exhibitions in Asia IFAT India. The exhibition was attended by 136 companies from around the world. The exhibition attracted more than 4,000 visitors for three days. 20 conferences held during the exhibition, the participants shared their experience on important environmental issues. Representatives of the EKOTON Company got acquainted with new partners and established new contacts for the Indian market during the exhibition.

IFAT India

IFAT India

At the same time, from 13 to 15 October in Tel Aviv was held the international exhibition of water technology and environmental protection WATEC Israel. EKOTON Industrial Group participated in the exhibition, together with the partners in Israel AS Water & Sewage Ltd.

Watec Israel

EKOTON Industrial group presented tubular aerators. The aerators are intended for uniform distribution of air flow supplied from compressor or air blower into the water layer. The tubular design of EKOTON aerators provides the following advantages in comparison with analogues other structure:

- bubbles formation with diameter 2-3 mm. This size is optimal as for mass transfer surface as for sludge mixing,

- uniform air distribution along all aerotank length due to use of the air spacing in aerator's construction,

- high reliability of aerators, its hydro blow and mechanical damages stability,

- simple aeration system assembling, resistance to mechanical solids hitting into aeration system with airflow.

During the exhibition, representatives of EKOTON Industrial group held successful negotiations with potential clients and partners in other countries.