7 Nov

EKOTON Industrial group at WEFTEC 2016

The 2016 Water Environment Federation’s 89th Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference WEFTEC, held September 26-28, 2016 at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, La, was an important opportunity for EKOTON Industrial group, represented by their USA office, to solidify relationships with American water companies and meet international companies interested in our products.

WEFTEC is the world’s largest annual water quality event provides the latest developments, technologies, and services for water preservation, restoration, and sustainability. An impressive turnout of 20,113 registrants and 1,006 exhibitors using 301,900 net square feet of space puts WEFTEC 2016 within the top five largest and best-attended events in the conference’s 89-year history.

On this exhibition EKOTON Industrial group presented up to date equipment for the biological treatment and sludge dewatering: tube air diffuser shown in operation and screw dehydrator MDQ-201.


EKOTON tube air diffusers were developed for application in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants and intended for using in aeration tanks during biological wastewater treatment phase. They are predominantly used for supplying oxygen to the aeration tank as well as insure efficient mixing of the wastewater in aeration tank.

By using perforated tube frame and air gaps in the diffusers design, the tubular diffusors provide uniform air distribution over the entire area of the aeration tank. EKOTON air diffusers generate bubbles with a diameter of 0.04-0.12 in. This bubble size is optimal for both mass transfer and mixing of the sludge. The air flow rate fed to tube air diffusers is 2-2.5 times higher compared to membrane diffusers, so they allow to reduce energy consumption at wastewater treatment plants significantly.

Air diffusers EKOTON

Screw dehydrator MDQ EKOTON-Tsurumi is efficient for mechanical sludge dewatering at food, pulp-and-paper, textile, chemical, oil refining and other industries as well as municipal wastewater treatment plants.

Equipment can dehydrate sludge with high oil concentration. It is optimal solution for treating oily DAF sludge at food processing factories, where filter systems and centrifugal separation is hardly possible. Thus, the equipment boasts with higher solid capture rate. The dehydrator includes both gravity thickening and dehydration compression zones. Therefore, can cope with sludge concentration range from 0,3-0,5 to 10% of DS content.

The advantages are: energy saving and compact design, self-cleaning mechanism, minimal secondary pollution and maintenance, capability to treat low concentration sludge and continuous automatic operation.

Screw Dehydrator

WEFTEC for EKOTON Industrial group became the springboard for new ideas, products and initiatives. Visitors showed big interest in our products, so our company representatives had a great opportunity to communicate with lots of potential customers and partners.

We look forward to seeing you at the future exhibitions of our company.