16 Nov

EKOTON Industrial group at the exhibitions Aquatech Amsterdam

From 03 to 06 November was held Aquatech Amsterdam. This exhibition is the world's leading trade exhibition for process, drinking and waste water. More than 850 companies presented their new equipment and more than 18 000 internationals water technology professionals visited it.

EKOTON Industrial group has introduced 3 types of equipment at theAquatech Amsterdam: multi-disk dehydrator JD EKOTON Tsurumi Pump, combined mechanical treatment module M-Comby and aeration system fragment.

Dehydrator JD is a new unit of equipment of Industrial group EKOTON, which are manufactured jointly with Tsurumi-Pump Company (Japan). The dehydrator are intended for mechanical dewatering of excess sludge from industrial municipal wastewater treatment plants, from DAF (=Dissolved Air Floatation) froth including oil-contained sludge, primary settling sludge and sludge made by the mixture of above sludge.

Disk drum system enables collect solids with highly efficient and lower energy consumption.

Multi-disk dehydrator is energy saving, has a compact design, is easy to install and easy in maintenance, has minimal secondary pollution. Using a dehydrator allows to treat oil-contained and low concentration sludge.

Dehydrator JD

The combined mechanical treatment module M-Comby is used as a complex of mechanical treatment and including screen for fine treatment, aerated grit chamber, grease catсh, unit for washing and compaction of waste and grit. It allows reducing the costs for construction of wastewater treatment plants, because you do not have to buy all the equipment separately. The unit can be used for fine mechanical treatment, waste washing and compacting sludge, grit separation and washing, washed grit dewatering and also for grease separation and removal.


Tubular aerators «EKOTON» are intended for uniform distribution of air flow supplied from compressor or blower in aerating volume and for mixing of aerated liquid. This type of equipment is used in aeration systems at the different domestic and industrial wastewater treatment stages.

Tubular aerators

Advantages of EKOTIN tubular aerators:

  • Do not require cleaning and flushing;
  • Effective mass transfer and sludge mixing;
  • Uniform air distribution throughout the aerotank;
  • Additional resistance to hydraulic impacts, pressure drops and other mechanical impacts;
  • EKOTON aeration system is simply and easily assembled;
  • Tubular aerators is 2-2.5 times higher than the productivity of typical membrane aerators;
  • Aerators are resistant in a wide range of aggressive environments and temperatures.

During the exhibition, representatives of EKOTON Industrial group learn about the novelties in the wastewater treatment industry held successful negotiations with representatives of other companies, received a large number of new contacts.