18 Dec

To the New Year with a new equipment

For the New Year, EKOTON Industrial group offered a new product for its customers: a chamber – membrane filter press of own production. New device can already be ordered.

The chamber-membrane filter press is designed for dewatering of industrial slurries and waste waters. Its use allows achieving the maximum level of phase separation due to the high pressure filtration, cake washing, squeezing and drying.

Chamber-membrane filter press EKOTONChamber-membrane filter press EKOTON

The range of application of the chamber–membrane filter press is very broad. They can be used in metallurgy, food, chemical, coal and cement industry, production of kaolin, ceramics and porcelain, dewatering of industrial slurries in various production stages, as well as for treatment of industrial and municipal waste waters.

The unique feature of the chamber– membrane filter press from company EKOTON is that each customer the most cost effective solution based on the qualitative-quantitative slurry parameters and requirements for the cake properties will be offered to.

If necessary, the filter press can be equipped with membrane plates for additional process advantages:

Increasing the filtration capacity at the end of the filtering when the instantaneous filtration speed rapidly decline;

Ability of obtaining cake suitable for loading, when the filtration properties of slurry get worse;

Additional humidity reduces due to high pressure squeezing;

Decreasing of volumes of washing liquid and drying air, in comparison to a chamber version.




High purity of filtrate

Dense filter cloth

Separation of the first impure portions of filtrate

Minimum cake humidity

High pressure filtration

Cake squeezing

Cake drying

Cake drying simultaneously with squeezing

Low amount of initial liquid in the cake

Cake washing

Cake drying

Minimum filtrate dilution with the washing filtrate

Multi-stage washing

Separate discharge of washing filtrate

Low air consumption for drying

Drying takes place uniformly through the all cake area

Cake drying simultaneously with squeezing

Small consumption of washing liquid

Washing takes place uniformly through the all cake area

Cake washing simultaneously with squeezing

Filtration capacity

High pressure filtration

Filtering surface selection

Low power consumption FP energy consumers are not operated for most of the time
Easy maintenance Small amount of moving parts
Long service life of filter clothes

Filtering fabric does not move in the operating process

Recovery by pressurized water

Recovery by solubilisation

Simple cake unloading Vertical layout of filtering plates
Simple filtrate removal Filtrate is discharged by gravity through the collector system
Separation of working fluids Modern system of valves and manifolds
Adaptive sequence diagram Progressive control system

Download a EKOTON questionnaire for ordering the membrane-chamber filter-press