26 May

WOD-KAN 2014. EKOTON equipment for wastewater treatment facilities in Poland

From 20 to 22 May 2014 employees of the polish EKOTON PRODEKO EŁK factory had participated in the leading industry exhibition WOD-KAN, which gathered together about 400 manufacturers and suppliers of wastewater treatment equipment.


The equipment of EKOTON is well known for polish consumers. It has successfully being sold from 1997 in Poland under the trade mark PRODEKO EŁK. Last year the production plant PRODEKO EŁK joined the international EKOTON Industrial Group; it allowed offering wider variety of high quality wastewater treatment equipment for European customers.

Equipment for the mechanical wastewater treatment and for the sludge dewatering was presented on the exhibition. The screw dehydrator EKOTON TSURUMI, which is intended for the mechanical sludge dewatering of industrial, municipal and domestic wastewaters, is the Grand Prix winner of the XXI International WOD-KAN 2013 exhibition-fair of machines and devices for pipe and sewage systems. Representatives of the companies, where screw dehydrators successfully work, admit that this type of equipment is a perfect solution for the small wastewater treatment facilities.

EKOTON PRODEKO ELK WOD-KAN 2014 Screw Dehydratot EKOTON Tsurumi

Screw Dehydrator EKOTON Tsurumi

Visitors of the exhibition also became acquainted with work of the belt filter-press PL-12, which construction represents the system of shafts that are mounted on the frame; two endless belts (upper and lower) are joined into the endless canvases, which are tensioned between the shafts.

The belt filter press is provided with two nodes for the belts washing, device for spreading the sludge along the belt in the sludge inlet zone and device for dewatered sludge (cake) removal.

The belt filter press among other equipment for mechanical dewatering differs in: high corrosion resistance, low energy consumption, low flocculants consumption, efficiency in maintenance and high effectiveness in sludge dewatering due to the sequence and special arrangement geometry of the different diameter shafts.

EKOTON PRODEKO ELK WOD-KAN 2014 Belt Filter Press PLBelt Filter Press PL

The grinding screen RKD GRIZZLY intended to grind the large debris in domestic and industrial wastewaters was especially attractive for visitors; it came out into the second round of the competition GRAND-PRIX 2014


The bid evaluation committee duly noted such advantages in operation of the grinding screen RKD GRIZZLI as:

Body of the grinding screen is made from the stainless steel, shafts and cutters are made from the tool steel; this guarantees durability of the screen;

The screen is handy and easy in maintenance. Auxiliary mounting accessories allow raising the screen from the channel even without the channel emptying. Grinding unit and the drum are made as separate modules that allow its individual removal out of the device without the screen’s removal out of the channel.

The screen grinds the coarse debris for sure – shafts rotate with different speed towards each other;

Special drums’ construction, which doesn’t allow accumulating the debris inside the screen, provides the high performance and reliability of screen operation;

To remove the possible jamming the screen is provided with automatic reverse, that significantly increases the autonomy degree of the equipment.

Using of grinding screen RKD reduces the need of service personnel on pumping stations and expenses on waste removal.

Using of grinding screens allows not only preventing pumps from coarse waste flow but also solve transportation and utilization problems of collected waste.