29 Apr

Waste Grinder for sewage pump stations

EKOTON proposes high-efficient equipment for grinding of coarse solids (waste, plastic, wood, etc.), which is removed from mechanical screens at sewage pump stations. Gathered by screens waste is cut into small pieces (grinded) in grinder and goes to the next treatment stage with the main wastewaters. Equipping of treatment plant by EKOTON® grinder saves you from the necessity of waste transportation and at the same time allows reducing maintenance staff or to switch the plant to automatic operation mode.

Installation of grinder on a KNS doesn’t demand modernization or replacement of existing sewage mechanized screens.

if on station there are no sewage screens or they need replacement, we are able to supply EKOTON screen-grinder. It is installed directly into a channel and combines functions of detaining and grinding of coarse solid wastes. The efficiency of grinder’s operation is due to structure of set of cutting elements (steel 9XC(AISI 440A)), placed on two driven shafts. Unit’s case is fully made of stainless steel.