23 Jun

EKOTON Company introduced equipment in Bucharest

From June 16 to 18 Ekoton Industrial Group participated in the Danube Regional Water Forum, Eastern Europe ExpoAPA-2014, which was held in Bucharest (Romania)with the support of IWA (International Water Assotiation).

At the exhibition the Industrial Group EKOTON presented screw dehydrator MDQ-101 EKOTON-Tsurumi, intended for industrial, municipal and domestic wastewater mechanical dewatering. Dehydrator is recommended for wastewater dewatering at the municipal treatment facilities with low productivity, and also for food, pulp and paper, textile, chemical, petrochemical and other industries.

ExpoAPA-2014 EKOTON Industrial Group ExpoAPA-2014 EKOTON Industrial Group

During the exhibition held negotiations between Petr Trunov (Ekoton Industrial Group Director) and new Association of Water Utilities in Romania Chairman Mr.Felix Stroe. During the negotiations was discussed the prospects of cooperation.

The equipment of Industrial Group Ekoton has been very interested to the Romanian companies. Presented at the exhibition compacted and effective screw dehydrators are interested to the European customers. This year is planning the production about 10 units to the Europe countries.