23 May

Bar Screens mini RMKE

Since the beginning of 2013 the company "EKOTON" offers new equipment for its customers - bar screens mini RMKE. New screens is the ideal solution for mechanical treatment of wastewater for channels and pipelines with capacity up to 300 m3/hr. Bar spacing from 1 to 5 mm can hold tiny waste and provide fine cleaning.


Bar screen mini retains and extracts waste from wastewater, which exceed spacing of filtering mesh. Waste is removed from filtering mesh by the rake, which removes it to the frame’s edge and then to transporter or waste bin. Screen’s operation periodicity depends on automation scheme.

RMKEBar Screens mini RMKE


- profitable price;
- easy to maintenance;
- minimal operating costs;
- possibility of fine cleaning – width of screen’s openings start from 1mm;
- increased reliability of the screen due to canvases feature that allows to avoid rake jamming;
- long screen’s lifetime due to used corrosion resistant materials and screens design without revolving parts in the submersible part of the.

Решетка малая грабельная РМКЭ

Bar Screens mini RMKE


Productivity: up to 300 m3/h
Bars spacing: 1; 2; 2,5; 5 mm
Channel Width: 300-600 mm
Channel Width: 270-490 mm
Power: 0,09 kWt

Such specifications can successfully apply the screens RMKE:

to protect the pumps from damage to the CNS due to hit the smallest debris;
for fine mechanical treatment for small wastewater treatment plants of domestic wastewater;
for local mechanical wastewater treatment of individual objects.