9 Jan

Melody Village – energy efficient and successful operation of Ekoton tube air diffusers

In May 2018 EKOTON Industrial Group launched its AP KV aeration system at Melody Village WWTP No 10, OH.

Here biological oxidation of wastewater pollutants takes place in two two-section aeration tanks of 860 ft2 each. The existed overaged membrane disc diffusers in aerobic digester were replaced by 105 ft of AP KV tube diffusers. After the start of operation, total electricity consumption was reduced on average by 6 %. It is worth noting that if an existing aeration system had been replaced in the second aeration tank as well, the savings would have been at least twice bigger!

Fine-bubble AP KV tube diffusers have the test certificate in accordance with ASCE/EWRI Standard 2-06 ‘Measurement of Oxygen Transfer in Clean Water’ and provide consistent, reliable and stable performance during their long service life!