9 Jan

Multi-Disc Screw Press Dehydrator has been commissioned in Canada

This year at the end of November on the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada (the most eastern part of Northern America) an MDQ-102 C Multi-disc Screw Press Dehydrator was commissioned.

This is the first sludge dewatering co-project which was completed together with our Canadian partners MABAREX. Since then, the Multi-disc screw press dehydrator operates as a main dewatering unit in a containerized wastewater treatment plant, which was manufactured and commissioned by MABAREX. The WWTP designed for processing of household sewage wastewater from a base camp of offshore drilling platform.

The nominal capacity of WWTP is 200 m3/day, and the screw dehydrator dewatering capacity is 10-20 m3/day of excess activated sludge, which comes from MBR reactor with initial DS concentration of 0.5-1.0 % of DS. Cake dry solids concentration after the screw dehydrator is 15-17% which is enough for land disposal requirements according to project. The high clarity of the filtrate (20-100 ppm of TSS) generated during dewatering process allows reaching a high capture rate – more than 97.5%.