18 Dec

EKOTON equipment for chicken slaughtering factories

Wastewater treatment plant of JSC Mironovskaya Ptakhofabrika (chicken slaughtering factory) was reconstructed in 2014.

Screw dehydrator MDQ-353 EKOTON TSURUMI

Screw dehydrator MDQ-353 EKOTON TSURUMI

Currently, JSC Mironovskaya Ptakhofabrika is not only the largest and most efficient poultry farm of MIRONIVSKY HLIBOPRODUCT (graingrowing, breeding and meatprocessing holding company), but also one of the leaders of this field in Ukraine. The complex with the capacity of 220 thousand tons per year was built in 2007 in the area of Cherkassy. The current maximum capacity of the complex is 420 thousand chicken heads per day.

Reconstruction of the company's wastewater treatment plant included the installation of the sludge dewatering complex with MDQ-353 EKOTON-TSURUMI screw dehydrator, installation and commissioning on site. 

Screw dehydrator MDQ-353 EKOTON TSURUMIScrew dehydrator MDQ-353 EKOTON TSURUMI

EKOTON proved the efficiency of dehydrator’s operation performed on the facility

Parameter Average results during lab tests
Hydraulic productivity by the initial DAF-sludge 4,6 m3/h
Moisture of the initial DAF-sludge 84,4%
Productivity by dry solids of initial DAF-sludge 720 kgDS/h
Dewatered sludge moisture (cake) 56,3%
Polymer dose 2,2 kg/tDS
Solids capture efficiency 99,6%
Energy intensity 0,0026 kW for 1 kg of DS of the initial DAF-sludge

Installation of sludge dewatering complex with MDQ-353 EKOTON TSURUMI screw dehydrator enables to reduce the volume of sludge by almost three times, which significantly levels down the cost of sludge utilization..