25 Sep

EKOTON Equipment now operates in the Arctic Circle

Specialists of the EKOTON Industrial Group have mounted and brought into operation modular treatment facilities based on MBR technology in Sabeta settlement during the short arctic summer 2014.

Modular treatment fasilities MBR Ekoton, the Sabeta city

Capacity of the wastewater treatment facilities is 100 m3/day. It treast domestic wastewaters of the settlement, where builders of the Complex of Facilities for the CNG (compressed natural gas) transportation live.

Complex of wastewater treatment facilities include recepient and surge vessel, pumping machinery, treated wastewater reservoir and sewage treatment plant - „MBR-EKOTON 100“, which include brush type screen, APKV aerators, pumping, mixing and air blowing equipment, membrane module and unit for additional UV disinfection of the treated wastewaters. The whole complex works in automatic mode via the system based on controller, which was developped by the experts of EKOTON Industrial Group. Maintenance of facilities by the operating personnel takes only up to half an hour per day.

Modular treatment fasilities MBR Ekoton, the Sabeta city

The peculiarity of the wastewater treatment facilities „MBR-EKOTON 100“ operation is in its location in tundra under the permafrost conditions northward of 71 parallel. There is small amount of wastewater treatment facilies in the world, which operates so far on the North under the similar conditions.

Wastewater treatment facilities „MBR-EKOTON 100“ in Sabeta city is the northernmost reference-object of our Company.


Information about the Sabeta city:

Sabeta is a rotational settlement in Yamal area Yamal-Nenets autonomous district located on east coast of peninsula Yamal near the Gulf of Ob of the Kara sea.

Construction of the gas liquefection plant is planned close to the ssettlement – first line will be brought into operation in 2016.

Arctic airport in Sabeta city in Yamal will be brought into operation at the end of 2014. Air strip length – 2700 m. Airdrome will receive almost all types of aircraft, including heavy freighter Il-76. Airport will comply with all the International class requirements.

Sea port Sabeta is under the course of construction within the frame of „Yamal LNG“ project and is intended to provide hydrocarbon crude throughput of the South Tambey condensate gas field in Yamal and for delivery of the natural gas , oil and condensate gas by the sea transport into the West Europe , North and South America and Asia-Pacific countries.

Ceremonial laying of the Sabeta port , which is situated in 5 km to the north-east of Sabeta settlement, was held on the 20 of June 2012. First freighter moored to the Sabeta port mooring in October 2013.