14 Sep

Reconstruction of wastewater treatment facilities in Kemerovo

The EKOTON Industrial Group took part in reconstruction of the first stage of biological wastewater treatment facilities on the left-bank treatment plant in Kemerovo.

The first stage of treatment facilities lasted for 50 years and stopped to be used because of an emergency condition. In 2014 the decision to reconstruct the line with introduction of nitrogen and phosphorus deep removing technologies was accepted. During 3,5 years, the employees of wastewater treatment plant and contractors put in order all electric systems of the line; additionally, technological and pumping equipment was mountesd: sludge scraper complex and trays for the secondary clarifiers, stirrers and aeration systems in aeration tanks. Reinforced concrete constructions of the secondary clarifiers, sludge chambers, wells, dumping chambers and aeration tanks sections were recovered.

Under this project, the EKOTON Industrial Group acted as a supplier of technological equipment, among which:

  • sludge scrapper complexes for the radial secondary clarifiers (IRVO);
  • tubular polymeric aerators (АPVK).

Equipment for secondary clarifiers is made from stainless steel AISI304 and aluminium alloys with the use of polymeric materials. This provides a long period of trouble-free operation. The special construction of the suction scrappers provides a complete removal of sludge from the bottom of the clarifiers, and the special construction of the drive unit excludes a wheel slip during the winter season when clarifier side become covered with ice.

The even air distribution achieved by EKOTON diffusers has excluded the formation of stagnant zones. It was also succeeded to increase the activity of microorganisms due to the high saturation of sludge with air, owing to small bubble size of 2-3 mm. EKOTON aeration system became an excellent decision for designing of this wastewater treatment plant, as it also has allowed to reduce capital costs of reconstruction. The cost of equipment was in 2,5 times lower than the other types of air diffusers with the warranty period of 8 years.

The reconstruction allowed to increase the capacity of wastewater treatment plant up to 175 thousand m3/day as well as to improve the quality of treatment by key parameters and meet the outlet quality requirements.