14 Dec

NEW! Debris compacting press with organic compounds washing off function

New debris compacting press with organic compounds washing off function was assembled at EKOTON manufacturing plant. This type of equipment is used to achieve clean dewatered compressed waste from the screens, convenient for transportation and storage.

New equipment was invented basing on existing screw screen press, equipped with an additional tank and an agitator to carry out debris washing off process. The unit is also equipped with all necessary sensors, gears and control cabinet for fully automatic operation.

The combination of washing and pressing processes allows to achieve the following benefits:

  • Organic compounds are removed from fecal waste and can be returned to the cycle of biological treatment which is more rational and, in some cases, even more important for the operation of biological treatment processes.
  • Reduction of waste volume and moisture content. Removal of organic compounds from debris contributes to the reduction of their mass, furthermore it has a positive effect on the dewatering ability allowing to obtain even more dry garbage.
  • Prevent diffusion of odor vapors from waste.
  • Reduction in transportation and waste storing expenses.