ekoton rake bar screen israel

2013 can be considered as a year of EKOTON’s equipment breakthrough on the world market. The Company successfully implemented new projects both in European countries and in the Middle East – in autumn EKOTON’s equipment was commissioned at wastewater treatment plants in Herzliya in the neighborhood of Tel-Aviv.

The problem of the Herzliya wastewater treatment plant is in huge amounts of wastes in wastewater which put step screens installed earlier at treatment plant out of operation. For problem solving, RKE rake-type screens, with a bar spacing of 8 mm, were installed at treatment plant. It made it possible for  reliable wastage retaining on the rake.

RKE rake-type bar screen has a line of technological advantages which provide the reliable operation and high treatment quality:

  • The screen is made completely of stainless steel and the chain walkway is protected against wearing by wearproof polymer;
  • Wastage–intercepting mesh is made of bars with drop-shaped section that reduces hydraulic resistance for 15-30% as compared with meshes made of rods with another section;
  • The floating design of rake fastening to the chains allows to thoroughly clean the wastage-intercepting mesh and prevents wastage slippage from rake;
  • There aren’t any rotating components in screen part submersed into the channel. The screen is provided with protection of the roller chain against hitting and wrapping of wastages.
  • The screen is provided with the possibility of lifting above the maintenance channel without structure dismantling and channel emptying;
  • The screen is provided with a safety device actuating at rake jamming and mechanical damages preventing free run of chain;
  • Realisation of various mesh operation automation modes is possible – it provides energy saving and reduces the “human factor” effect.

Mounting and commissioning of the RKE rake-type bar screens was made quickly and qualitatively due to the technical support of EKOTON’s specialists. Screen putting into operation enabled not only to solve the problem of coarse wastages removal from wastewater but to protect the whole system against damages caused by penetration of solids into treatment system.

ekoton rake bar screen israel

The second stage of Herzliya treatment plant modernization was purchasing and equipping it with EKOTON aeration components.

Our aerators have following advantages:

  • Generation of bubbles 2-3 mm in diameter, which is an optimum size for both surface of mass transfer and agitation of sludge;
  • Equal distribution of air along the passage length due to air gap usage in the aerator design;
  • Aerators are highly reliable, water-hammer and mechanical damage resistant;
  • Simple installation of the aeration system

ekoton tube air diffusers israel

Representatives of the treatment plant of Herzliya told that conclusive arguments in favour of EKOTON aerators in comparison with other tender offers was the ease of operation (EKOTON aeration system doesn’t need additional maintenance), long-term warranty, less capital costs for system construction and guarantees of achievement of system operation results assigned by the Customer.