Screw screen


Space-saving and efficient equipment for the separation of small and medium waste from municipal and industrial wastewater.

Ekoton Screw screen  is a space-saving and efficient equipment for the separation of small and medium waste from municipal and industrial wastewater. Screw screens are reliable and functional equipment for mechanical wastewater treatment with an integrated system for screenings washing and pressing.

Scope of application of the EKOTON Screw Screens

  • Municipal wastewater treatment;
  • Pulp and paper industry;
  • Meat processing industry;
  • Vegetable and fruit processing plants;
  • Food industry.

Specific features of the Ekoton Screw Screens

  • The main feature of the screw screen is its functionality. It separates medium and small waste from industrial and municipal wastewater, then performs washing, pressing and transportation of the screenings to the waste disposal tank. EKOTON RVO is the most convenient equipment for fine mechanical wastewater treatment.
  • A slotted or perforated sieve is installed at the bottom of the screen. As the wastewater passes through the sieve, the waste is retained on the filtering surface. The screw is equipped with a brush to clean the sieve in the filtration area. In the upper part of the screen, there are areas for the screenings washing and pressing.
  • Thanks to the integrated screenings washing function, organic compounds remain in the wastewater, which contributes to the biological treatment process.
  • The shaftless screw prevents blockage, clogging or jamming of the screen, even when working with fibrous materials.
  • The use of a perforated sieve with small openings solves the problem of retaining even hard-to-catch impurities, such as hair.
  • The screen can be equipped with a device for unloading washed and dewatered waste into polyethylene bags, which is not only extremely convenient for further transportation of waste, but also prevents the spread of odors.
  • The design solves the problems associated with the operation of a significant part of the additional equipment for wastewater treatment, i.e. there are no complex mechanisms and components that require constant and labour-intensive maintenance.
  • RVO screw screen can be easily integrated into the existing complex of treatment facilities and synchronized with other types of equipment.
  • The screens are designed for use in wastewater with pH = 6.5÷8.5.

Ekoton Screw Screen

Convenience of operation and maintenance of the EKOTON Screw Screens

  • The screens are easy to maintain thanks to the availability of the main components in operating condition.
  • Technical capability to decrease the volume of incoming waste up to 40% already in the screen eliminates the problem of installing additional equipment for waste compaction.
  • Simplicity of design facilitates assembly and installation of EKOTON Screw Screens.
  • Separation of incoming waste, its transportation and pressing are carried out in one unit while using only one electric drive.
  • Ekoton Screw Screen does not require constant or difficult technical maintenance.
  • A trouble-free connection of casing parts and screen mechanisms is achieved due to the use of high-precision manufacturing technologies.
  • The equipment can be placed in buildings for screens at the site of treatment facilities. Installation in the open air is possible, provided that screens are equipped with heating devices.

Reliability and durability of Ekoton Screw Screens

  • All work is done by the screw, so there is no significant number of rotating parts. This increases the reliability and durability of the screen.
  • The screw is made of wear-resistant carbon steel, and a self-cleaning durable brush is installed in the area of the filter sieve.
  • The use of stainless steel (AISI 304, AISI 316) in the unit provides its durability, which is very important for work in an aggressive wastewater environment.

Technical characteristics of Screw Screens

Openings, mm0.25 - 10
Screw diameter, mm200 - 700
Throughput, m3/hup to 1200
Materialstainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316)