Tube Air Diffusers


EKOTON tube air diffusers are predominantly used for supplying the wastewater in the aeration tank with oxygen as well as for providing the efficient mixing of the aeration tank content.

EKOTON Tube Air Diffusers were developed for application in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. They are predominantly used for supplying the wastewater in the aeration tank with oxygen as well as for providing the efficient mixing of the aeration tank content.

Description of Tube Air Diffusers

EKOTON air diffuser consist of two pipes inserted one into another with the air gap between them.

The outer fibro-porous pipe (disperser) is made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) during the pneumatic extrusion process, when aerodynamically formed fibers from melted polyethylene are applied on the form-maker.

The inner perforated pipe is made from PVC. The gap between two pipes is supported by cross ring insertions.

The connection of air diffusers to air supply system and connection between each other is performed by the corresponding internal and external threads.

The supply air enters the gap between the inner and outer pipes via the round openings in the inner pipe. Thereafter the air is dispersed into the aerated liquid via the outer fibro-porous pipe forming bubbles.

This design provides the uniform air distribution in the aerated liquid and enables to achieve the maximum aeration efficiency at the minimal energy costs.

Operating principle of Tube Air Diffusers

Components and materials of Tube Air Diffusers

Construction of Ekoton Tube Air Diffuser

Perforated pipePVC
Fibro-porous dispenserLDPE
Cross ring insertionPE
Dimensions of Tube Air Diffusers

TypeTotal leght (A), [mm]Disperser leght (B), [mm]External diameter (C), [mm]Dispencer wall thickness, [mm]Total weight, [kg]

Advantages of EKOTON Tube Air Diffusers

  • Do not require cleaning and flushing. Porous polyethylene layer provides a durable operation of the aeration system without the need for maintenance.
  • Effective mass transfer and sludge mixing. EKOTON air duffusers generate bubbles with a diameter of 2-3 mm. This bubble size is optimal for both mass transfer and mixing of the sludge mixture.
  • Uniform air distribution throughout the aeration tank. Due to the internal perforated pipe and air gap in the diffuser design, EKOTON tube air diffusers provide uniform air distribution over the entire area of the aeration tank.
  • Additional resistance to water hammers, pressure drops and other mechanical impacts is provided due to the special design of the air diffusers.
  • EKOTON aeration system is easily assembled. Elements of the system are quickly assembled by threaded joints. Duffusers are fastened to the bottom with the fastening step of 2 m.
  • Low capital costs. The air flow rate fed to EKOTON tube air duffusers is 2-2.5 times higher compared to membrane diffusers.
  • Reduced operating costs due to low pressure loss.
  • EKOTON air diffusers are resistant to a wide range of aggressive environments and temperatures due to the use of polymeric materials in their design.
  • Stable performance characteristics during the whole service life.

Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (SOTE)

Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (SOTE)

APKV Diffusers: Pressure Loss

APKV Diffusers: Pressure Loss

Technical characteristics of Ekoton Tube Air Diffusers

Airflow rate, [Nm3/h/m]5-30
Aerator diameter, [m]0,12
Aerator length, [m]1-2
Bubble diameter, [mm]1-3
Inlet air temperature, [C]Up to 100