ekoton chamber membrane filter press

CAPACITY OF SLUDGE 10 m3 per day, 7% DS
CUSTOMER Fenice Sp.z.o.o.


Complex mix of municipal and industrial waste waters, including wastes from paint and other various manufacturing sites aſt er sedimentation was dewatered using decanter centrifuge. High operational costs (cake removal, flocculant, electricity) lead to dissatisfaction and searching for other dewatering technology. Mobile out-door design of centrifuge also didn’t allow whole year operation that resulted in some discomfort.


Aſt er pilot tests made in 2017, the chamber fi lter press GK-8.230.20-H (fi lter area 230 m2, cake thickness 20 mm, plate dimensions 1500 x 1500 mm) with whole set of linked technological equipment: feeding pumps station, cloth regeneration station, operational platform was installed on site. All equipment was chosen, delivered and mounted by Ekoton. During August 2019 commissioning of dewatered site was made by Ekoton specialists. The fi lter press and linked equipment were mounted in the hall simultaneously with installation of cake removal system, that allows all-year operation. One of the most valuable preference of presented technology is possibility of sludge dewatering without any reagents adding.


Type of sludgeMix of municipal and industrial
waste waters with
wastes from paint site
Unit Productivity10 m3 per day
Feed Sludge DS Concentration7 – 8 %
Cake DS Concentration27 – 30%
Flocculant / Reagent Adding0
Filtration Pressure6 bar
Operation Time12 – 14 hours per day
Fenice, Poland