ekoton screw dehydrator

TYPE OF INDUSTRY Food and beverage industry


In this plant sludge from DAF-unit and MBBR reactor was stored on-site in tanks and its utilization was outsourced to an external company. Due to expensiveness of such service, it was decided to build a local dewatering facility to reduce sludge volume and its disposal cost.


EKOTON company offered a sludge dewatering solution based on one multi-disc screw press dehydrator MDQ-353 C. Other auxiliary equipment including a polymer solution preparation unit and pumps as well as piping was supplied by our local partners, assembled by the customer and commissioned by EKOTON representatives to meet the highest dewatering process efficiency.

End User’s Comment

Since the comissioning, the performance of the dewatering equipment has been stable, highly efficient and with no issues. High dewatering efficiency resulted in significant sludge volume reduction, so the construction of the local dewatering facility has paid off very quickly.


Type of sludgeMixture of waste activated sludge
and DAF sludge
Unit Sludge Supply10.8 m3/h (47.6 GPM)
216 kg DS/h (476 lb DS/h)
Feed Sludge DS Concentration1-2 % (up to 4 %)
Cake DS Concentration16-17 %
Operation Time16-20 h/d
Average Polymer Dose5 g/kg DS (20 lb/ton DS) of liquid