Mechanical screens, screw conveyors and presses, grit chambers etc.

"EKOTON" delivered more than 900 units of equipment (of which more than 600 mechanized screens) to 178 WWTP.


  • Industrial Parts Ltd., with address South Industrial Zone, P.O. 24, 6100, Kazanlak, Bulgaria, issued this Reference to EKOTON Industrial Group for successful and professional cooperation with this company. In March 2015 at the Wastewater treatment plant in Mezdra (Bulgaria) EKOTON Industrial Group delivered and commissioned the following equipment: • Rake type bar screen RKE with double level sensor in the channel – 1 pcs • Combined mechanical treatment module M-Comby (600 m3/h) – 1 pcs • Sludge scraper for secondary sedimentation tank – 2 pcs • Central driven picket type stripper – 1 pcs • Slide gates (manual) - 5 pcs • Slide gates (with electric drive) – 2 pcs • Mechanical sludge dewatering belt filter-press – 2 pcs • Dewatering sludge screw conveyer KVE – 1 pcs Since the launch of this complex all kind of equipment works stably providing a high degree of wastewater treatment. With insure qualitatively affected on the operation of wastewater treatment plant in general. Installation of the mechanized screen allowed to increase the efficiency of the deterrence of waste and their extraction from wastewater. The complex shows high reliability and minimum maintenance costs. This equipment is well designed and convenient to operate. Also on the stage of mechanical sludge dewatering we used two belt filter press PL-06C with capacity 6 m3/h. For all operation period equipment under trademark EKOTON showed effective and reliable work, high corrosion resistance, low energy consumption.
  • From reference Gorvodokanal MUE, Novosibirsk:

    "In August 2006, your Company started the work on reconstruction of the mechanical treatment building of sewage treatment facilities of Novosibirsk. The work was carried out in 2 stages. Replacement of 7 obsolete screens (drive power – 2.2 kW, bar spacing – 8 mm, operation time – continuously) on 4 EKOTON SUE-2030 mechanized  wastewater treatment screens (drive power – 2.2 kW, bar spacing – 8 mm, operation time – 15 minutes within an hour). The work was finished by September, and its analysis demonstrated the advantage of your screens: the sewage treatment significantly improved; the amount of removed wastes increased, and that resulted in the improvement of operation of the pumping equipment, grit chambers and primary clarifiers. The reduction in the number of running screens from 7 to 4, as well as the implementation of the automatic mode of operation made it possible to significantly save the electric energy; the grease collectors of primary clarifiers became almost clean, while, previously in the winter, we had to remove and take out frozen caps of floating waste each shift. Based on results of the work, it was decided to complete the work of the 2nd stage before the beginning of 2007. Another one SUR-2030 standby screen, 2 KVE screw conveyor and 2 PVOE dewatering press were installed. The implementation of the whole automated complex made it possible to save significant funds: - The electric energy saving for the period from September 2006 till March 2007 was8 500 kW – 11900 rub. - The transportation costs decreased as a result of the partial dewatering and reduction in the volume of wastes by 4-5 times. The saving for 3 months was 12 480 rub. As a result of more careful wastewater treatment, as well as due to the return of squeezed water to the facilities, the operation of the entire mechanical and biological treatment complex has improved. We hope for the further long-term cooperation."

  • From reference Vodokanal PUUE, Mogilev:

  • From reference Mosvodokanal MPUE

    "In July 2012, 5 units of waste grinders of EKOTON Company were received by the Maintenance Organization of the pumping station of Mosvodokanal MPUE, according to the agreement. The grinders were installed at sewage pumping stations. The installation of the grinders caused no difficulties. The commissioning work was carried out by employees of the Company. The waste grinding is carried out quickly and qualitatively. A bucket of waste is treated in 1.5 minutes. The hammer grinders, which are pre-installed at the stations, with the capacity of 0.5 t/h are equipped with 22 kW electric motors. The grinder, produced by EKOTON Company, is equipped with 5.5 kW electric motor. As result energy saving is significant. According to the requirements specification of SENS PEUKS, the work on designing the grinders with the capacity of 1 t/h is carried out."