ekoton multi-disk screw press mdq ozd

Every year about 400 billion cubic meters of wastewater flow to natural water reservoirs. A significant part of that flow doesn’t meet sanitary-chemical requirements. This problem is related to a lack of wastewater treatment plants or the modernization required for existing plants. Experts consider that in order to solve this problem, reconstruction or building new wastewater treatment plants is needed. EKOTON International Industrial Group is a leading producer of equipment for wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering and during the last four years its’ equipment has been delivered to more than 30 companies in Hungary.

In the second half of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, municipal wastewater treatment plants in Ózd and Szécsény received sets of mechanical wastewater treatment equipment based on the MDQ series Multi-Disk Screw Press, manufactured under license from the Japanese company Tsurumi Pump, and screw conveyors were installed and commissioned. Building of the wastewater treatment plant was funded by the European Union in terms of the KEOP program.

Optimal quality and price ratio, complex automation possibilities and high efficiency –are the factors which have influenced the MDQ EKOTON Tsurumi choice as a Multi-Disk Screw Press. This equipment is an ideal solution for wastewater treatment plants with a capacity up to 700 kilograms of dewatered sludge per hour. Dewatered cake can achieve a final humidity of about 75-82% with an average flocculant dose of 3 to 6 kilograms per ton of dry solids. Energy consumption is 5 kilowatts per hour for the whole equipment complex. Rinsing water consumption is just 99 litres per hour. Multi-disk technology has a unique combination of high dewatering efficiency, low polymer and low energy consumption.

The Multi-Disk Screw Press operates in continuous mode. From the external storage tank, the sludge is pumped into the screw presses’ technological chamber. Then the sludge is fed to the dosing chamber, where it flows through an overflow to the flocculation chamber. The stirrer mixes the flocculant solution with the raw sludge for the flocs formation. Next, the sludge is fed to the dewatering drum and due to the screw rotation, it moves to the discharging area. During its movement the sludge loses water and filtrate flows through the gaps between screws’ discs. Transportation of dewatered sludge from the discharge area is handled by the EKOTON screw conveyor.

Because of the hardened screw and its slow rotation speed the Multi-Disc Screw Press is able to dewater even highly abrasive materials without the need of rings and screw replacement for at least 5 years. Another possible application is greasy sludge, which can be efficiently dewatered without drum clogging due to the self-cleaning feature of the sludge dehydrator.

The use of new equipment allowed not only to achieve the best results of wastewater treatment but also to increase efficiency of production processes. All systems have a high automation level, which ensures complete automatic operation mode and does not require constant personnel presence. The Multi-Disk Screw Press requires very little interaction of the operator. It takes just minutes a day! EKOTON Industrial Group have completed over 50 projects with Multi-Disk Screw Presses all over the world and every year this number increases.