Ekoton equipment for secondary clarifiers at the treatment facilities of Yekaterinburg

In 2020, the EKOTON Industrial Group supplied three radial suction scrapers for secondary clarifiers at the South Aeration Station (SAS), Yekaterinburg.

Cooperation of the EKOTON Industrial Group with Vodokanal MUP, Yekaterinburg, started in 2007. The SAS is located in the south part of Yekaterinburg, microdistrict Khimmash, at the left bank of the Iset river.  Design capacity of the treatment facilities makes 550 ths. m3/day, and actually about 300-350 ths. m3/day of that makes about 85% of domestic waste water for the city and is delivered to the treatment facilities depending on the season. Throughout the years of cooperation, the EKOTON specialists have taken part in upgrading the treatment facilities several times. Thus, in 2007, a mechanical treatment complex based on the Ekoton step-type screens was started for the mechanical dewatering shop, and in 2012, a sludge densifier based on the IRVO 40 suction scrape was put into operation.

Over the period of cooperation, the EKOTON Industrial Group has proved itself to be a manufacturer of high-quality and high-efficient waste water treatment equipment and a reliable partner, that’s why in summer 2020, an agreement for the supply of three sets of  IRVO 40 suction scrapers for the secondary radial clarifiers was signed. The installation works were started in October 2020 and performed stage by stage in the course of the equipment supply.

The equipment for clarifiers produced by EKOTON is distinguished by high efficiency and reliability, and that’s why they are well regarded not only in Russia, but also in EU and Great Britain. The radial suction scrapers are made of the AISI 304 stainless steel, their power buggies are fitted with wear-resistant polyurethane coated wheels, and the mechanisms – with a service handrail gallery. The patented technology of the suction scraper “clean bottom” efficiently cleans the bottom of the secondary clarifiers.

The radial suction scrapers are made of the high-quality materials that provides for an improved reliability margin and high operation life of the equipment elements, the auxiliary units simplify the work of the service personnel, and the  high automation level makes it possible to efficiently set up the operation of the complex.

For the South Aeration Station, we have implemented the following technical solutions in the radial suction scrapers design:

  • the sludge discharge pipe diameter (sludge collector) has been enlarged to 600 mm;
  • the new reinforced design of the stainless steel bridge (shaped pipe) has been implemented;
  • the full-drive buggy with the Nord reducing units has been used;
  • The control cabinet has been equipped with the Modbus RTU data transmission.

The equipment was installed by the efforts of the installation team from the water services company under the supervision of the Ekoton specialists together with the clarifier bowl reconstruction. Irrespective of the challenging installation conditions, all works were performed in a quality and timely manner. Upgrading the biological treatment stage made it possible to eliminate the cause of offensive odour in the microdistrict and improve the ecological situation in the region.