Polymer Solution Preparation Unit SMART-MIX

Automatic stations “SMART Mix” for preparation of flocculent solutions are used for cyclic preparation of polymer solutions on the basis of dry or as liquid concentrates. This is done when its preparation process requires a certain preparation time.

Stations are manufactured with one, two or three chambers

Station capacity: from 250 l/h to 6000 l/h

Solution concentration: from 0.05% to 0.5%

Solution retention time: depends on the capacity

Areas of application of polymer preparation units:

  • water treatment
  • wastewater treatment
  • industrial wastewater treatment
  • dewatering of municipal and industrial sludge
  • biogas production
  • Ability to prepare solutions from corrosive chemical agents. Only corrosion resistant materials are used for production of the unit
  • Operation in intermittent or cyclic mode. The station can be operated both in intermitten mode (single preparation of a dose of solution) and in cyclic mode of preparation without interference from operating personnel
  • Simplicity and low assembly cost. The station is supplied as a ready-to-use system (all components are mounted on a station skid) To start operation, it only needs to be mounted on a foundation and connected to supply lines
  • Enclosed. The station is supplied to a customer fully enclosed, but as necessary for maintenance, all protective parts can be easily removed
  • Easy to operate. The station is equipped with a control system based on PLC Siemens and Weintek (HMI) graphical panel. This allows operating the station in a fully automatic mode with minimum interference from an operator. A clear interface of the control system allows operation of the station by any personnel
  • High reliability. Only high quality and reliable component kits are used for production of the equipment. The station is also equipped with minimum number of moving parts.This it reduces the list of wear components and spare parts to a minimum.
  • Ability to connect the station to SCADA system. Control system makes it possible to transmit data and remotely control the station from an operator’s work seat by using the SCADA data transmission system.