Mechanized screens

Catenary bar screen

Catenary bar screen is designed to remove large and medium-sized debris from industrial and domestic wastewater with subsequent mechanical waste discharge onto a conveyor or waste container.

This type of equipment differ with increased capacity and special highly reliable design allowing as well to avoid jamming.

Catenary screen is consisted of stationary frame and movable rake mechanism connected with a swinging suspension. One of the main operational elements of the screen and in the same time – the part of the frame itself, is a filtering mesh, which collects debris from wastewater flow in a channel. Rake mechanism removes the waste collected on the bars into a discharge zone, from where they dumped into container or conveyor.

The catenary screen operation is based on the flexibility of the rake mechanism and self-regulation to debris size and their mechanical properties. The screen design does not contain any guidings, which set strictly trajectory of chains and rakes movement; efficient clamping is possible within the special design of rake mechanism. The chain is not fastened in the near-bottom part of the structure, allowing to avoid mechanism jamming.

  • The screen is capable of removing large solids without jammings owing to special patented chain construction which excludes the use of guiding skids, bottom sprockets and bearings in the submerged part.
  • Increased screen capacity due to standard angle mesh modification from 80° to 60°.
  • Better capture rate and discharge of various debris types due to height of rakes and special wiper design.
  • High resistance to deteoriation owing to use of the thermally treated steel and wear-resistant plastics.
  • A longer useful life of movable parts due to low mechanism speed and small gap between the rakes.
  • Reduced hydraulic resistance up to 15-30 % owing to use of streamlined bar shape of of filtering mesh.
  • Ease of maintenance. The bar screen requires almost no maintenance and if necessary, it could be done without demounting from channel.

Standard technical characteristics of catenary bar screen

Name of parameter
The value of the parameter

Channel width

From 500 to 2100 mm

Channel height

From 600 to 6000 mm

Bar size

From 6 mm or above


75-45° (60° by default)


Painted carbon steel

Mesh and dead plate material

Stainless steel AISI304, AISI316

Rake and wiper material


Catenary bar screen

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