EKOTON Support (online service)

EKOTON Industrial Group offers its customers a unique online service that will make the operation of the equipment more convenient! Our mission is to help you to enjoy working with us.

EKOTON Support is:

Online communication with a personal consultant from anywhere in the world

Need more help? Contact us through the website or by e-mail.

Unique knowledge base

Find the answer to your question in our Knowledge Base online. Tips for operation and repair, answers to frequently asked questions, video instructions - access to the database 24/7.

Operation manuals and technical documentation

Looking for equipment manuals? Download it here - you will find the most current instructions for the operation of any EKOTON equipment of any model. All manuals can be downloaded in PDF format and saved on your device. Around-the-clock and free of charge. *

* - if you did not find the manual - ask our agent to send it to you!

Repair by EKOTON professionals

The service contract is over, and the equipment needs repair? Leave a request for additional EKOTON service online!

Additional services

Also, using the EKOTON Support service you can order specialists arrival for inspection of treatment facilities, service and / or repair of equipment, order necessary replacement parts, etc.

How to create an account with EKOTON Support?

Step 1. Access request

Only registered users have access to the portal. To receive an invitation, you must write a letter to support@ekoton.com with the following information:

  • The subject of the letter "Request for access to the EKOTON Support service",
  • your full name,
  • your position and the name of the company in which you work,
  • your contact phone number (mobile preferred),
  • a list of EKOTON equipment you use,
  • number and date of the contract, according to which the equipment was delivered.

Attention! The email address, from which the request is sent, will be automatically linked to the account being created.

Step 2: Create an account

We will contact you within 24 hours after receiving a request for access to the service to verify your identity.

After that you will receive an email with the link to the service.

You need to follow the link and create your own password, which will be used to log in later. We recommend you respecting the following requirements to help protect your account:

  • The password must contain from 8 to 16 characters;
  • Case sensitive is distinguished;
  • The password can consist of letters and numbers, and must contain at least one number or letter in the composition;
  • The password can contain the following characters: underscore (_), dots (.) and dashes (-).

Step 3. Personal and corporate account

If several people in your company work with EKOTON equipment, we can create an account for each of them. All employees will be able to see not only their requests, but also colleagues requests. We hope that this will allow you to work with our equipment more efficiently. To create a corporate account, you can use one of two options below:

Option 1. If you already have a personal account in the EKOTON Support service, send us a request through it, which will contain the information from "Step 1. Access request" for each user.

Option 2. If you just create an account in the service, you can list all employees who will need access to the EKOTON Support service in the letter with the access request. Remember that for each employee, you will need to specify a separate e-mail, to which we will send a personal link to access the service.

Step 4. Introduction to the portal

In order to make it easier for you to get acquainted with our portal EKOTON Support, we have created a small knowledge base, which is available to registered users on the main page of the service. There you can find answers to the questions such as "How to change the password?", "How to change account information?", "What are the requirements for requests" and many, many others that will help you to understand better how our service works.

Step 5. Submit your application

In order to send a request, you need to click on the button "Send a request" and fill in a short questionnaire.

Try to describe as many details as possible describing the problem. If possible, attach photos and / or video of equipment in operation. This will help our specialists to diagnose the problem more precisely and solve it quickly.

Attention! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that for each problem / failure of the device it is necessary to open a separate request, according to the principle "one request - one problem".

You can track the processing of your request online, receive notifications from the manager on e-mail about changing the status of your request and will always be up to date!

And a few more words ...

  • Each client is important to us and we are against spam. That's why we will NEVER transfer your data to third parties, and the letters that you receive from us will only concern the processing of your requests in the EKOTON Support service.
  • On the website www.support.ekoton.com in the section "Getting started" you will find the articles "Terms of use of the EKOTON Support service" and "Privacy Policy of www.support.ekoton.com". Please read them carefully before you start working in the service!
  • It is important for us that the equipment we supply operates smoothly and brings you only satisfaction. That's why we have created the EKOTON Support service. Perhaps you want to help us with advice or have a suggestion, how we can become even more useful to you. Write us an e-mail to support@ekoton.com and we will certainly try to take into account your wishes in the future!