Screw compacting press

Compacting presses are intended for the compacting and washing of waste collected on the sewer mechanized screens. Compacting presses are intended for use in wastewater with a рН of 6.5 - 8.5.

The screw of the compacting press is manufactured from wear resistant steel, while all other parts are manufactured from stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 on customer demand.

The screw, with a varying, pitch is installed inside the double case. The receiving bin is mounted on the top part of the case. The washing and pressing zones are located in the internal front part of perforated case. Two connecting branches designated for the perforated case, waste and screw washing are connected to appropriate zones. The screw is driven by the geared motor.

The waste is fed into the case of the compacting press through the receiving bin and removed by the screw to the washing and pressing zone. Waste is washed from the organic inclusions by pressure water and partly wringed due to the decreasing screw pitch. The wringed waste is then removed to the receiving bin via the discharge pipe. After wringing, the water is drained between cases into the channel which is located downstream of the screens.

  • waste compacting lowers transport costs
  • waste washing function conserves organic compounds in the wastewater which promotes biological treatment
  • increased lifetime from corrosion resistant materials

The compacting press automatically switches on after an adjustable time period from when the sewer mechanized screen starts. Other automation options are also available. Alarm systems of the normal operation indication and emergency stops are provided.

It is possible to transfer equipment status data to a higher level automated process control system depending on the client’s requirements.

The screw can be reversed in order to address jams and congestion.

Compacting press in conjunction with screens and conveyors is a high performance system for mechanical wastewater treatment. Equipping the control system with programmable modules makes it possible to integrate all components into one system with common control center, and to connect it with remote dispatching.

Technical characteristics
Capacity, [m3/h]Up to 2
Screw diameter, [mm]200
Washing water pressure, [MPa]0,3...0,5
Washing water consumption*, [l/min]to 40
Driwe power, [kW]3

* - Frequency and time of press washing is determined by automation setting